In the year 1999, having reached that wondrous state of retirement, we decided to seldom do anything we didn't want to do. Among the things we wanted to do were our hobbies. John had his paper models, and Marzlie has her computer controlled machine embroidery. Flying high above all of this was our mutual hobby of kiting. John designed, we built and flew kites and made other decorative fabric creations together. We attended all the kite festivals we were able to, and traveled the world to attend festivals in France, Australia, Holland, Denmark, both coasts of the U.S., and in Canada the west coast, the prairies and Toronto. John particularly got a high from teaching kitebuilding workshops, and truly loved seeing those many class creations in the sky.
Due to a very rare disease that doctors do not know why it comes, how to cure it or how to stop it, John passed away from this earthly life on December 11, 2010. Life will never be the same. Marzlie will try to keep this site up in memory of all we did together, it was a great time.

And as we always said the best part, though, is the kiting family. Somehow, unpleasant folks don't seem to be attracted to kiting, we reveled in the pleasure of hundreds of wonderful friends all over the world.